The Disconnect

Tamara Gabbard
3 min readNov 14, 2020


Written by thatmidlifemami

I spent today with my daughter, which doesn’t consist of much but making her smile and wiping her butt. However, I awkwardly stared, soaking in every moment, sniffing in her baby smell, watching her gummy-grin.

I have been working so hard I have missed some growth. It is like a plant you leave in the corner but water every day, and then one day you have a jungle. I take care of her and make the monies to buy the milky-milks but…

My mustard-butt is six months on April 10, and, well, she is practically an adult. I need to slow down with work and spend more time with her. I must also stop throwing shade across the room when I glance at her and her father singing “pollito piu” — look it up, hilarious. (she is sleeping now, so I am not missing anything, BTW)

Moreover, just because I work from home and have a nanny-daddy doesn’t mean I am not missing everything that is right in front of me. I am blessed, but I am also disconnected.

The current world events have revealed to me how much governments are separating from the masses as the people choose to reconnect— I am a content writer and journalist, so I am full of information, mostly useless.

Nonetheless, as I watch and write the news repeatedly, I lament the time away from my daughter while she is in the same room; I lament what I already knew to be true.

I had an Epiphany.

A lack of love has engineered a disconnect so profound between humans. It hasn’t just left humans disconnected from one another, but disconnected from the very earth that provides life for them. The natural world is our innate connection to absolutely everything. It connects our spirits to the elements; it is what connects us to the cosmos; it is what grounds our souls so we can have the ability to disconnect. It is gravity, air, water.

We are not in Mercury retrograde, people! We are reaping the adverse effects of trying too hard to monetize GOD. We continue to procrastinate our own true journey to provide chaos for the controllers, placing self-interests somewhere else other than in ourselves. And although you personally may not be that sower of such solemn seeds, our human connection runs deep across these hills and sands, which connects by the salty seas and river beds; I feel you.

What happens when we allow our minds to trick us into following the heard; when we disconnect from the natural world? We become lost, lost souls.

Lost souls, roaming the world, searching through screens to find a connection, a moth to a flame. How extraordinarily misguided is the mind that it can move the body while the soul sits patiently for it to be remembered?



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