Produce Messaging and Mining Data: The New Cure to Copy: CXL Review

Tamara Gabbard
4 min readJan 11, 2021

So this class blew me away — Product Messaging and Copywriting. I am now in Email Marketing and Automation, but I want to talk about the goodness that is Product messaging.

Momoko Price is such a phenomenal teacher, and it isn’t because she is so much teaching, but her practices, her ideas, they are MONEY! The class goes from an in-depth view of how to do a copy teardown then moves into a Voice of Customer (VOC) research, mining data from that VOC, and then into how to apply it with spreadsheets and pivot tables that she shares for you to use. It is pure brilliance. This is what makes these classes so good. You get the professional set up from the professionals.

The Break Down

Before you get into other parts, she takes an extensive amount of time to explain what message mining is and gracefully shows you how she did it for a client. She then gives you the actual datasheet and the whole process so that you can literally just copy and paste your mining.

So what is data mining or VOC research? Find the products and the competition and you gather comments, complaints, and a bunch of other juicy details from reviews, surveys — mostly reviews — and you start putting together common issues and satisfaction points that are collectively mentioned throughout the data — it does take time, but it is quick once you have the data. As you place it into the sheet setup she has, it starts to organize it by common factors. It’s pretty incredible that she made these sheets able to do this. Then you are able to put them in pivot tables to really dig into what customers really want. Now some of you all may know how to do this or know about it. But, I did not and I am so happy to learn it because it makes that whole one on one interview and personal experience with the customer that we as copywriters and marketers really cannot get now available.

Mix all this in with the other class data “mining” and research we have learned and you have some real-life info that can create a real-life persona from and get some real-life copy written. It’s almost better because you are getting data and it doesn’t lie, people do.


Once Momoko gets done with the goodies and shares all her secrets, she gets into the way it should be displayed. Offering insights to visual hierarchy. She tells you how to design your page with the words in mind. Don’t let the people who designed the page forget how important those words are either or it defeats the purpose. The page should be designed around the words, but also remember brevity is powerful when you mine the right data. Get to the point. Find the hurt and fix it with those words and make sure it is set up in a way your customers can digest it and relate to it. How does your product fix their issue?

She does go a bit into the purpose of the headline and its importance, however, I was surprised that she spent little time on it. I have read a lot on this subject and everyone always goes deep on the headline issue. Her info was powerful yet brief. She taught more on the technical side and how to apply it, which I appreciate. Step by step guide that I can follow later when I get to apply it.

Conversion-Focused Formatting

Now, this is some next-level stuff. She does give a warning about vanity metrics and how sometimes designing a great page doesn’t add any value if it doesn’t covert so she makes a point of sharing how to manage this issue. Conversion is important and there is a formula to it if you can get in and apply all the parts the way they are supposed to be. Everything she is teaching coincides with all the juicy info we have been learning. This class was a great visual on how all that stuff comes together to create a visual page of marketing copy that converts.

She also showed how she faulted on her page before it became a win. being able to see where her mistakes were drawing attention to some of the things we must do in order to step away from vanity and into conversions and sales.

If you are passionate about copywriting the way I am, YOU NEED TO TAKE THESE CLASSES. The whole program is on Growth hacking but it has a strong focus on the way everything is written and it is brilliant.

Final Thought

As I mentioned, I am in the Email Marketing section right now and it also is digging deep into the copy. It is almost a repeat of the product messaging with some pointers on how to set up an email so people do not miss out on you… and laws. If you are into doing real marketing — the kind you are going to need for the future, CXL is it. Not only are these classes great and hold the oldskool values, but they also embrace the fact that data mining is the future of marketing.

Metrics are valuable. They have allowed us to take out marketing to the next level and these classes are that– next level. Get in there and get weird with it. I can’t explain it any other way. The only thing I can say in a negative way is I really wish we had some sessions with the teachers to ask questions and get some extra advice when we start to apply it. Other than that, it is a fantastic program and I am indulging.



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