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The past week I have been so busy hustling because the company I worked for went under that school has taken a back door. BIG HOWEVER, This coming week is loaded with catch-up time since all I will be doing is waiting for phone calls. Now that I have given my excuse for being a lame-ass; HeRe we go.

I ended up finishing the Attribution and Excell and Sheets for Marketers sections. This wrapped up the Data and Analytics part, which I am so grateful for. I get it, and I will be using it but DAMN, it is a lot. I am a left-brainer and like my words and glue — not for sniffin’ but for stickin’ — and glitter YAY.

So let me just say that the in-depth learning you are getting in these classes is incredible. I highly suggest taking notes because the quizzes are hard and you can only miss one question on most. Let me get started telling you about the two classes I finished.

Attribution Solution

They start out by explaining how Attribution is the tip, the baby maker, of analytics and finding the story to enhance conversion. It is basically you learning to understand the context behind the data. It gives you a more realistic view of the customer journey by showing which ads work and which ones don't.

To understand the consumer, you first need to understand what they are doing. We are creatures of habit and you will find that within your attribution testing as well. It is probably the strongest method of testing when finding out what you need to do to make your site better for the UX. There are also tactical and technological ways of doing this.

In Traditional Marketing, you were not really able to track the effects of an ad automatically. It typically took some time and you would know when if had an effect if the revenue started to go up after a new campaign dropped. And even then, it was still a guessing game, unless there were significant changes in revenue growth.

The beauty of the digital attribution game is they are now able to go as deep as your TV. Giving a business the opportunity to view data gathered from ads that display on the TV, which is something to shout about. Smart TVs, streaming, and direct-controlled television, gives advertisers and businesses a way to better scope out how their visual ads are doing and can tweak and test them accordingly.

Now, it isn’t as in-depth as the analytics you get from the ole webmaster, but it is a start and just like anything in the digital world, will probably grow by leaps and bounds in no time.

The quickie? Attribution is what you need to get conversion corrected. And all that can be set up in your analytics, no matter how you chose to gather it. If Content is King, Attribution is its vassal.

Excel Sheets for Marketers

I was really impressed by this. Something I always wanted to do is learn excel. W this isn’t some raging in-depth course on all the excel magic, but what is magic about it is their back and forth between Google Sheets and MS Excell. I am a sheets girl, only because I cannot afford a new computer with MS on it but I’ll get there. But I really enjoy the connectivity of Google Sheets and Docs.

In this class, you learn how to create pivot tables and move your data into a sheet to help organize it to share with a company or whatever reason you may want to use it for. I feel like they threw this in here as a little morsel for a pro tip hacking the growth marketing program. This actually gave me some “want” to get in a class after I am done here. I nerd out on it. I recently taught myself how to do stuff on another sheet I have for a client and it made me look really good.

He does a great job of explaining how to use the formulas. I didn’t take notes so I failed the damn test like three times. If you think you are going to go through the classes and just wiz through the exam. It is a dream cause they are not easy. They have what I call digging questions. This means they give you Q’s that make you have to dig for the answer. They make sure that you are paying attention and actually go through the class.


I am once again writing my blog for th week with a slack-ass gotta get it done intent, but I am truly learning a hella lot in these classes. I feel like I am going to be using about 90% of everything I have learned so far and I am only 50% done with the course. I am moving into the section I have been dying to get to and it is all digital marketing. So Excited. I feel like this new section is going to boost my career in a bg way.

IF you are on the edge of wanting to get CXL institute, Just do it. It is an investment in yourself. Think about it as investing in yourself becaeu gifting to yourself is just as dramatic as gifting to others, what you give yourself comes back threefold You are worth it. Now go get it!



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