CXL Institute: SEO: A REVIEW

Tamara Gabbard
4 min readFeb 1, 2021

So I am skipping around the classes to correlate with what I am working on with my clients. And since SEO is a huge one, I decided to start on that this past couple of weeks.

The information is excellent. Unfortunately, it is from 2017. If any of their classes are updated regularly, this would be the one. For example, back in December, Google took out a ton of sites. Sites that were ranking well for years — since 2017 at least — sites that had hard work put into them. Took them out. This information should be added. Lie an update slime at the end of these would be great.

As far as the class, the guy knows his stuff. He drops a lot of names as well. I followed through with looking these names up and found a web of awesome. I searched some emails so I could get the Linked In Hook up. I like following high-level people in my field. (copywriting) Ya, I know. You cannot tell by these posts, but I am tired on Sunday and worked probably over 50 hours and have a new kid, so.. WHATEVS.

Back to the regularly scheduled program.

I am nerding out on the SEO. I recently picked up a copy-editing gig for an affiliate site and am using my free version of MOZ to get some good optimizing in there, and I am hoping that it works. We are working on EAT, which is what most of the sites got hit on and YMYL.

Expertise, Authority, and Trust

This is EAT. And although it sounds so obvious, at least for me as a writer who likes to make sure my work is good, This is what they are looking for. Someone who is writing good content, period!

Expertise is your reviewer. You want the people or the person after the drafter or the editor of your site to be the person that represents the subject matter or niche, and PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...




This is a huge no-no, and keywords will not rank you if they read as spam. Stop worrying so much about density and stary paying attention to how it rates in your work.

Authority is your linking. This isn’t always your links, either. This is who is linking to you as well. IF you are an authority in your niche, people will refer you more. This also correlates with Expertise. Let those experts on your site use you to link back too. SHARE SHARE SHARE.

Also, backlinking is so important. Making sure you aren’t just sending everyone to pages on your website. It would be best if you also linked to authority — ex: FDA, CDC, WHO, and all those who actually have the facts. Not influences on Instagram that happen to get a bunch of followers. However, this is not always bad. Sometimes Google likes them too.

Trust is just that, and it is directly involved with authority — backlinking. Google reads your backlinks and who you are attached to through them. If wacky untrustworthy people are using you, it shines through in that SEO. It’s a hunch, and Google likes to assume.

Being honest, reaching out to people with high authority for articles and linking is always smart. People are a lot nicer than you think they are. It’s just adding a link. But make sure that you are not spammy and make sure that people can trust the information on your page.

Your Money or Your Life

This is Google’s label for medical, health, and wellness niches. They are very strict on this. If you do not want, correct, or make claims that you have no authority to do so, you will be blacklisted, Sometimes you don’t even know, which is why I ALWAY’s suggest to my clients to add the disclaimer. And to watch their wording — May vs. Can, etc.

Sum it Up

For someone who is kind of new in the field. These things seem so DUH to me. The people who started in the game early were trying to scam the system to be seen and get revenue through clicks. Dirty dirty. They were dishonest, and Google got smart because the UX is so important. It was like a freeway for sued car salespeople, and not even the smallest innocent mistake can take you out. Thanks to the beginning crew for making it harder for those that are actually trying to run a business.

I also want to say the CXL institute is good stuff. This short SEO blog is basically what I learned and have been exploring about updated information. Basically, stop trying to trick the algorithm and just make great content, and you won’t have to worry about it. Stop being cheap and paying those content mills like Express Writers and Text Broker to write your stuff– they literally pay their writers less than 2 cents a word. Stop cheapening out on your writers and paying us dirt, and you’ll make more sustainable revenue!

Your’s Truly,

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